Baler Strap

Our Baler Strap is designed to enhance the efficiency and durability of your vertical baler operations. Crafted from high-strength synthetic fibers, these straps are engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous heavy-duty use, ensuring that your baling process remains seamless and secure.It can be connected by simply tying knots.

The Baler Strap is specifically tailored for use with cardboard and plastic waste baling equipment, ensuring that the bales are compact and the knots are robust, providing enhanced protection for the materials being compacted.

Baler strapping.jpg

Baler Strap Features:

• Cost-Effectiveness;
• Weather resistance;
• Easy to use, transport and store;

• Produced in China, allowing you to save money;

• Used for pressing and packaging cardboard and film in vertical baler;

• The strength of baler straps with a width of 9-25 mm is 235-720 kg, which is equivalent to the strength of steel belts;
• The frost resistance of baler strap reaches -70 degrees, and it can even be used for wood packaging in winter in northern areas;

Baler Strap