Bundling and Palletizing

BSTSTRAP bundling and pallet packaging solutions have unique elastic texture and strong retention tension; making them suitable for strengthening any type, size or weight of products.

The special flexibility makes it possible to avoid the scattering of the packing belt caused by the bumps caused by bumps during the transportation process, and ensure the safety of transportation.

Bundling And Palletizing

The reinforcement of the pallet cargo is an important means to ensure the stability of the cargo and prevent collapse. There are several ways to fasten the pallet cargo:

1 Bundling: Bundling the pallet cargo with polyester cord strapping to ensure the stability of the cargo. The bundling methods include horizontal bundling and vertical bundling.

2 Net cover: Use the net cover to cover the pallet cargo for fastening. This method is often used for aviation pallets.

3 Frame: Enclose the entire pallet cargo with a frame and tighten it with packing straps or ropes to stabilize it.

4 Add friction material in the middle: sandwich the sheet material with large friction coefficient, such as hemp sheet, cardboard, foam plastic, etc., between the cargo layers to increase the friction and prevent the layer from sliding down.

Bundling And Palletizing

5 Special fixture: For some pallet goods, if the uppermost part can be inserted into the metal plus card, you can use a special clip to clamp the adjacent package, so that each layer of goods forms a whole through the metal fixture to prevent the individual from separating and falling.

6 Bonding: Double-sided adhesive strips are affixed between each layer, and the two layers can be bonded together through the adhesive strips, so that the goods on the pallet in the logistics can be prevented from slipping from between the layers.

7 Adhesive tape: the pallet cargo is bound with single-sided adhesive packaging tape. His characteristic is that even if the adhesive tape is partially damaged, there will be no loose bundling due to all being attached to the surface of the cargo, and once the rope and packaging tape are bound, once one breaks, all the bundling will lose its effectiveness.

Bundling And Palletizing

8 Peripheral height: slightly raise the periphery of the flat pallet, the goods on the pallet will rely on each other towards the center. In the process of logistics, if shaking and vibration occur, it can prevent the slippage between the layers and prevent the goods from stomping out, so Play a solid role.

9 Shrink film: Place the heat shrinkable plastic film on the pallet cargo body, and then perform heat shrinkage treatment. After the plastic film shrinks, the pallet cargo body will be banned. This fastening method not only can play the role of tightening and preventing collapse, but also can be used for waterproofing and rainproof of the plastic film. And it is beneficial to overcome the shortcomings that the pallet cargo can not be placed in the open air and needs a warehouse, which greatly expands the application field of the pallet.

10 Stretched film: Wrapped and stretched with stretched plastic film. After removing the external force of the stretched film, shrink and tighten the pallet cargo.

Bundling And Palletizing