Composite Strapping

Composite strap is made of high-strength polyester, and it has been widely applied in transport safety packaging for its special texture and high anti cushioning performance.

Due to its components of high macromolecular synthetic polyester, it can well bind and fix scattered bundles of goods, making their transport more secure and fast.

BSTSTRAP Features:

• High tensile strength: with high tensile strength, it can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of pulling force and replace traditional steel strap.

• Buckle has high strength,No rusty and non-deteriorated

• Low-cost packaging tools and cost savings,Environmentally friendly and recyclable

At present, BSTSTRAP Already produced white, blue, green and yellow, 4 colors of composite strap. And other colors can be customized, need reach MOQ.

BSTSTRAP strictly controls the quality of each product, strictly controls each process of the product, and each production line and each finished product undergoes extensive testing to ensure the high quality of the product.
Composite strap is used with wire buckle, which effectively solves safety transport problems in such industries as container rear reinforcement, metal industry, metal industry, steel materials, paper, chemical and other industries, and a great extent protects transported goods.
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