Polyester Composite Strapping Features

At present, most of the packing belt products in the market are PP belt, pet belt, plastic steel belt and so on, because the raw materials are common and the production process is simple. So that these packing belt products in tension, toughness, protection products, easy to operate more or less have all kinds of defects.

The Composite Strapping belt selects the more expensive imported raw materials on the market and adopts the advanced Japanese production line and technology, which makes the products have strong product performance advantages in the aspects of tension, toughness, protection products, and convenient operation. In addition, the working state of best employees makes the product quality have many advantages over similar Composite Strapping belt products.

The following mainly introduces the main reasons why Composite Strapping belt has such advantages in the packing belt Market

High impact resistance:

Because of its unique characteristics, ductility and recovery after deformation, Composite Strapping belt can absorb impact energy better than steel belt, and will not become loose after goods shrink or expand.

Strong tensile force:

Composite Strapping with ultra-high tensile force, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tensile force, and can replace the traditional steel belt and other binding belt.

High joint strength:

The characteristics of Composite Strapping belt is to connect the steel buckle, which is the most solid connection mode and can be tightened repeatedly; in some applications, the packing buckle can be reused.

Cost savings:

Considering the hidden cost of all steel strips, polyester packing belt is a very cost-effective choice;

The cost of packing tools is low - only a simple tool is needed, and the wear is very small, and the maintenance cost is low.

Use safety:

Composite Strapping belt is light and soft, so it does not need to work with gloves; when it is cut, it will not spring off, hurting transport workers and customers;

Because of its soft texture, the used belt is also very easy to handle; there is no sharp corner, and the forklift tires will not be damaged during storage.

No product damage:

The flexible texture of polyester packing tape can protect the product surface from scratches.

No rust, no deterioration:

Composite Strapping belt can withstand the changes of various climatic conditions, and will never contaminate your products.

Compared with so many advantages, the price of Composite Strapping belt is beyond reproach. Customers and friends should consider the selection of packing belt products according to their own products and transportation conditions as well as various weather changes. It is the most correct to choose Composite Strapping belt for valuables and heavy goods, which can better protect your products from damage.