Polyester fiber strapping for epoxy phenolic resin

In the choice of the chemical market industry, more and more corrosion-resistant and high-temperature epoxy phenolic resin companies choose Huzhou Best polyester fiber strapping tape, which is mainly based on polyethylene terephthalate. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material used in the world to replace iron strapping straps and PET plastic steel straps.

   It is widely used in the packaging of containers, large machinery, military transportation, glass, pipe fittings, oil drums, steel, wood, papermaking, chemical industry and other industries. It is connected by M-type steel wire packing buckles. The design is extremely scientific and reasonable. It is not only firmly connected, but also It will never fall off or slip under the sturdy state, which greatly improves the work efficiency and safety in the process of bundling and transportation.

   The following products are used by our customers in corrosion-resistant and high-temperature epoxy phenolic resin. Best Packaging recommends 16mm polyester fiber strapping