Transporting Motorcycle Spare Parts: Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping is the first choice for motorcycle parts during transportation

We should choose the proper strapping products according to the characteristics of motorcycles. Motorcycles, driven by gasoline engines, are two or three-wheeled vehicles that steer the front wheels with their handles. They are light and flexible, and travel fast. They are widely used in patrols, passenger and freight transportation, and are also used as sports equipment. In August 1951, China officially started trial production and production of motorcycles by itself. At that time, the Peoples Liberation Army Beijing Automobile Manufacturing and Sixth Factory completed the trial production of 5 heavy military motorcycles and was named Jinggangshan brand by the Central Military Commission. The maximum speed of the car can reach 110 kilometers per hour.

After half a century of turbulence and vicissitudes, China's motorcycle industry has formed a relatively complete production, development, and marketing system, with a considerable number of independent intellectual property rights, and a number of brand-name products covering the market. Especially since the reform and opening up, the motorcycle industry has risen rapidly. After the difficult process of starting, developing, integrating, and reorganizing, experiencing both ups and downs and ups and downs, and through the hard work of the motorcycle industry front, China has now become a major motorcycle production country in the world. In recent years, the packaging of motorcycle parts has begun to use a new type of environmentally friendly material, such as polyester fiber strapping.

Due to its good flexibility and toughness, BSTSTRAP can effectively protect products and goods during the transportation of motorcycle parts and components so that the products can be protected from collision and extrusion damage during transportation. Soft characteristics and without losing high tensile strength, polyester fiber strapping has excellent performance in the strapping industry in terms of both tension and toughness. Coupled with the high price of motorcycle parts, the uncomfortable selection will cause unpredictable economic losses.