Cost Savings with Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping

In today is very active market economy, no enterprise can do without packaging. In recent years, with the continuous demand from large, medium and small enterprises, the demand for packaging has increased rapidly. As an indispensable material, packaging belts are Various fields show broad development prospects. The polyester fiber flexible strapping, fiber strapping, flexible strapping has become the first choice for heavy bags in the world!

The Composite Strapping, fiber packing belt, flexible packing belt manufacturer Huzhou Best Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. polyester fiber packing belt, steel wire packing buckle, hot melt adhesive fiber packing belt are widely used in goods transportation packaging, Internal fastening of containers, bundling of delicate surface items, bundling of equipment with surface coating, fastening of military equipment transportation, bundling of airdrop materials, reinforcement of oil and gas pipelines, reinforcement of composite pressure vessels, reinforcement of construction, civil engineering , Disaster rescue, etc.

Especially its simple strapping operation, using a simple buckle to tighten, without any energy (such as: power, compressed air) without any auxiliary tools can be knotted, the applicable environment is very broad, very suitable for military field operations and disaster relief.

The state’s protection of greening restricts the felling of wood and has to convert packaging products into light-weight plastic packaging products; the price of steel and policy restrictions have gradually withdrawn steel packaging tapes from the market, thereby reducing transportation costs. Therefore, in recent years, the market demand for polyester fiber flexible strapping has grown rapidly.

As a manufacturer of polyester fiber flexible strapping, fiber strapping, and flexible strapping, Best is also constantly pushing polyester fiber flexible strapping, fiber strapping, flexible strapping to the market, and better practice Green China, integrity and environmental protection commitment.