Container Desiccant

Container desiccant is also called moisture absorber, biochemical desiccant. It is mainly used in shipping containers to absorb containers during marine transportation or storage. Due to the high humidity of the ocean and large temperature changes between day and night, the water vapor in the container will condense into water droplets. "Container rain" to reduce the moisture content of air in the container and prevent container rain.

Container desiccant

Check the container before hanging the desiccant:

1.The container door, wall, floor and top are not damaged.
2. The container is dry and clean.
3.Check the moisture content of container wooden floor, not more than 25%, preferably within 18%.
The container desiccant is packed with a hard shell design. The interior uses imported packaging materials with strong toughness; with hooks and beautiful printing, it can greatly enhance the brand image of customer goods.
There are also double-layer packaging, the non-woven fabric packaging material is very tough, with hooks, good drape, can be placed in the groove of the container wall, saving packing space.