Dunnage Bag

BSTSTRAP Dunnage Bags are specifically designed to strengthen and stabilize cargo in containers, enclosed rail cars, trucks and ships. They can prevent horizontal and vertical movements, and can stabilize cargo more effectively than wooden blocks and supports.


Polypropylene Woven Dunnage Bag


• Faster and simpler reinforcement in containers, rail cars and ships for ease of use
• Highly resistant to piercing
• High moisture resistance
• Approved by the American Railway Association (AAR)
• Equipped with rapid inflation valve / technology
• Equipped with edge valve

Kraft Paper Dunnage Air Bag


•Available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 ply constructions

•Easy to inflate, install, deflate and remove

•100% recyclable

•High Performance Kraft Paper

•Simple, fast and safe operation

•Moisture proof

•Easy to remove after reaching the destination

Polypropylene paper Dunnage_bags


The most suitable dunnage bags for specific needs depends on many factors, such as gap size, cargo height and specific transportation requirements. BSTSTRAP will recommend the most effective inflatable bag that meets the customer's own needs.

Dunnage Bag