Hot melt strap

Hot melt strap, it has many advantages over traditional manual products, such as steel strap, metal strap, woven lashing, pp belt and stretch film. Compared with these products, hot-melt strapp has the advantages of faster, safer and more economical.

It can be connected by simply tying knots, or it can be combined with buckles, tools, and tensioners to provide the most reliable connection system.

Hot melt strap is made of high-strength polyester yarn with a high-quality adhesive through a special process. A high-quality Hot melt strap not only represents our rigorous quality in selecting high-strength polyester yarn, but also proves our continuous innovation in adhesive compound technology.

Hot Melt Strapping

Hot Melt Strap Features:

• Effective weatherproof, best working environment temperature -40/35 ℃;
• Effectively resist sudden impact and absorb impact energy;
• As strong as a steel strap, but 75% lighter than the steel strap;

• Can be used with simple tools or manually;
•  No need to buckle can meet the needs of the general range;
• Effectively save logistics costs;

•  No sharp edges, high safety factor;;
• Not easy to rust and rot;
• High linear tension and system tension

Hot melt strap