For more than 10 years, BSTSTRAP has been a global leader in unidirectional polyester strap and cargo reinforcement systems.

Continuous innovation and the development of the latest technology ensure Bester maintains its position in this industry.

With a wide range of products on the market, BSTSTRAP can provide resources to meet any transportation challenge.

polyester packing strap

In early 2020, after a lot of market research and listening to user feedback, we found

Fēngfù xiàn yǒu chǎnpǐn xiàn, tígōng gèng duō yàng huà de xuǎnzé shì mùqián shìchǎng hé yònghù zuì pòqiè de sùqiú Enriching existing product lines and providing more diversified choices are the most urgent demands of the market and users。

This year BSTSTRAP The new specifications of flexible polyester strapping are finally officially available.

Development of various specifications and models,12mm,15.5mm,17.5mm,25mm,32mm

Polyester fiber flexible packaging

In 2019, the Packaging World (Shanghai) Expo, Asian Logistics Exhibition, Asian International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition, Asian International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (Hanover Milan Exhibition) and other exhibitions have opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

BSTSTRAP as a senior enterprise in the field of packaging materials for ten years, with the company's first-class products and achievements debut.

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