Plant Fiber Strapping

Made from natural plant fibres and biodegradable glue, Plant Fibre Packing Strap is high strength and abrasion resistant. It is an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional plastic strapping and reduces the impact on the environment. Plant fibre strapping does not pollute soil and water like plastic materials, and is also environmentally friendly as it degrades effectively. In addition, plant fibre strapping is also easy to carry and use, and is widely used in various fields, such as logistics, packaging and transportation.

Plant Fiber Pallet Strapping

Storage conditions:

lTemperature: Normal room temperature

lHumidity: 30-60%

lRequirements: well-ventilated, dry area, away from heat and sunlight

Plant Fiber Pallet Strapping


lAdopting plant fiber environmentally friendly material


lStrong load-bearing capacity

lSuitable for semi-automatic balers

Plant Fiber Pallet Strapping

lNo cracking when folded

lSustainable alternative to traditional plastic strapping

lResistant to puncture, good material

lLow elongation, tightly packed

Plant Fiber Pallet Strapping