Paper strapping

Paper Strapping is a multipurpose, cost-effective packaging material with high protection and operational efficiency. Made of natural kraft paper.The paper strapping is flexible enough to wrap odd-shaped or irregularly-shaped items. Perfect for bundling all bulky but light items.

Paper strap is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic strap . The strap is strong, gives a professional result and retains its shape and strength even when wet. The paper strap is fully recyclable, via the normal paper flow. Strapping with paper strap is environmentally friendly, sturdy and professional.

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Why use paper strap?

Paper strapping offers a sustainable packaging solution and reduces waste. It is easy to fold and you can throw it away with other paper and cardboard waste. This makes it easy to recycle together.

Conventional polypropylene or polyester strapping is challenging to recycle and often ends up in landfills or polluting natural environments with packaging waste. Paper strapping tape is easier to use and seal than plastic packaging, and offers a solution for compostable packaging. You can use it in machines with similar settings.

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Recyclable & compostable easy to dispose of

Sustainable paper source FSC certified

Works with conventional semi-automatic strapping machines

Solid & robust 55kg break strain

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l100% Recyclable

lAlternative to Poly Strapping

lPrint your branding to promote your organization’s environmental credentials

lSmooth paper tapes create less dust than embossed ones

Paper strapping