New Polyester Fiber Strap Complements Product Line

At the end of 2019, BSTSTRAP new specifications of flexible polyester strapping are finally officially launched. Let us know now, the product codes are the three products of BT-VS-30, BT-VS-45 and BT-VS-45T.

All along, BSTSTRAP service concept is to really start from the needs of users, produce high-quality logistics packaging products, and provide customers with safe and reliable logistics transportation solutions. After a lot of market research and listening to user feedback, we found that enriching existing product lines and providing more diverse options are the most urgent demands of the market and users.

Polyester fiber flexible packaging tape has not entered the domestic logistics packaging consumable market for a long time. As a new technology product, unfortunately there is no accurate data to measure the healthy upgrade cycle of such products, but BSTSTRAP as this One of the pioneers in the industry is going through each iteration of product technology, and it is also leading this wave of continuous updates.

From the parameter data of the products, these three new products give customers who are currently using polyester fiber flexible strapping more choices, and the characteristics of the new products in addition to excellent safety, can effectively save enterprises in The cost of logistics.

Technological innovation and product research and development are always the core competitiveness of a production-oriented enterprise, and we are well aware of this. If the opponent is thinking about how to overtake on a curve, then BSTSTRAP is thinking about how to break through the track to open up new markets and tap new service groups. The industrial environment may be changing, but our hearts for serving users remain unchanged.