high strength

Woven Lashing can be used instead of steel strap, it has many advantages over steel strap. Woven Lashing can absorb vibration during transportation, thus ensuring that the goods have excellent impact resistance in long-distance transportation.

Applicable temperature and climate

Woven Lashing will not rust, and the applicable temperature range is wide (can work normally at -40 ~ 130 ℃).


Lighter than the same long steel strap, easy to operate. Woven Lashing is popular with customers and users because it does not mark hands. When packing with steel straps, workers are often scratched.

Woven Lashing Strap

Environmental protection

Woven Lashing can be recycled and reused like most plastics. Easy to use and does not occupy space.


The use efficiency of Woven Lashing is much higher than that of steel strap, and there is less waste. The use of Woven Lashing does not need to consider issues such as warehouse capacity and safety factors.


Woven Lashing will not deformed
The use and removal safety of Woven Lashing
Woven Lashing have high penetration and high foldability

Woven Lashing Strap